A Simple Story of Love

The experience that takes its roots in the field of Love has no boundaries. It is deeply grounding, though. Not because of how it affects you – but thanks to how you let it affect you.

It didn’t speak to me from above. I heard it from deep within. A meeting with the so called spirituality that leaves you truly alive. I used to think it leads to some kind of ascension. I used to see it as a sparkle that “makes” you unique. And this “used” has proven me right in being wrong. I thought that taking the liberty to do what I want and how I want would grant me freedom. It didn’t turn out to be so. So I let myself be freely lost, for the sake of finding my Self. Once and for All.

The Great Opening

The Great Opening was marked by a great fall. Brick by brick the walls of my ego were collapsing. Fear became one of the greatest allies of this remarkable step. It shook me so hardly and abruptly that I had to loosen the grip I let it have on me. How was that possible? I let it come for me. My beloved fear. I didn’t do it out of the blue, though. First I needed to let in some trust. It has been knocking on my consciousness for a meaningfully long time. And I have been rejecting it for more than that. It stayed regardless. It stayed in peace. And that’s where it all began.

Peace truly

You cannot let in someone else’s truth unless you let yourself welcome yours – that’s what they say. I’m not really sure who they are but it resonates with my heart. And that’s all that matters. Not that there isn’t anything else to it. There’s Everything to it. The silence it brings is one of its loudest messengers. Sometimes it shouts with your insecurity. Sometimes with your guilt or shame. Regardless of the form it takes – it comes Truly. And that is when peace takes courage to unravel itself in the chaos of your inner world.

Various worlds – one Energy

What you carry within might present itself as if divided. Different aspects of you that fight for your attention. The union that you seek is already there. Right in the source. And you don’t have to learn it by heart – you are it, with all your heart. The separation that comes as a result of the so called upbringing and the so called experiences can bring you onto the margin of your very Essence. You are never out of it. Even though it might feel as if you were totally deprived of it. Thank God totally does not stand for the Absolute-ly.


It comes from nowhere. From not knowing. From letting go. Of the need to be in control. Of the desire to be seen and heard. Of the so called “I”. You let it go – but It doesn’t disappear. Your very Presence. It emerges fully. It might take you by surprise. It might take you on a Journey. It might onto a deepest One ever. To who you truly are. Way beyond your fear and its wildest expectations. It truly might. It’s very mighty indeed. If you let yourself welcome her as a present. You deserve it. We all do. And there’s no why to it. All whys dissolve with her Purity. They no longer come for you. And you no longer subconsciously come for them. It becomes simple. Just as it is. A simple story of Love called Life.
Your own Story is waiting there for you. If you feel ready to embrace it, simply let It guide you <3
Indescribable and eternal thank you to Swami Shivananda and His Ashram. This place cannot be described – but the reality of it can be deeply and consciously experienced: