BElonging: to be truly, or to be truly not?


A feeling of BElonging

-does it have any roots?

Does it have any REAL meaning?

Human Nature: Feel it. Live it

Do feelings help in life? What would it be like to live without them? Would it still be life? Or just still life?
What stems from a feeling is the Truth. Sometimes it might take a distorted form. Sometimes it reveals itself through silence. It’s there, though. An anti-random union of emotions that constitute a human nature.


“Less is more” – say some. SomeONE might think that this ‘humble’ approach leads to simplicity. But it’s the simplicity that is the guiding force in itself. Does ‘simple’ require any form? It depends on who poses a question. If a human being whose essence is being carried in a form of a body, then a ‘formed’ simplicity might be a truly proper match.

How to distinguish one form from another? Where to place the accents to make the forms sound both purely true and realistic? The accents which clash with one another deconstruct. Their outcome is purely creative. If you let it be so.


How does a feeling take a form? And how is that possible that a ‘restricted’ (by an accepted form) feeling liberates?

‘How’ is the driving force of many self-realizations. It puts you onto a path that is comprehensible to the mind. It’s the right path. For the mind it surely is. Every single doubt that is being released by the willing to know mind becomes a step. Closer to who you truly are. Further from what the mind believes you to be. Out of its control. Thanks to its powerful and graceful capacities.


Do we need to belong, or do we only think that we need to belong? If the intention behind a thought is pure, the CONclusion is (re)uniting too. If you step away from what you believe in, you’ll see clearly how aligned you are with your ‘truth’. If it’s there, regardless of you letting it go with trust, its unleashed meaning can turn out to be ground-breaking. (If, on the other hand, you cling onto being its safeguard, it might expose your lack of faith in it) Out of the ‘cracking’ grounds emerges a whole new dimension of a relationship. Where the ‘longing’ exposes itself as a means of accepting oneself fully. With a nature that belongs to a human being. With a nature which takes* forms to be absolutely free.


Timeless issues evoke much more thought and feeling that what truly stands in them. This ongoing journey in search for the meaning becomes meaning-full with the power of will. The more willing we are to accept it, the less demanding and turbulent the road presents itself. You just restore within yourself the right to belong. A simple, yet very grounded and rooting step that liberates within a (formless) frame of a sense of safety and security. This frame is your door. To live your human life truly. To BE. Who you are. Dare to be the key. And open up to welcome your earthly experience <3 <3

*Is ‘take’ possessive?
Is ‘give’ weak (does it make you ‘deprive’ yourself of something)?
The Answer has just found you <3

Have a wonderfully balanced week..