What does Meditative Healing Program™ require from a participant?

Many questions may arise when thinking about signing up for a Meditative Healing Program™. It is a deeply transformative journey which goes far beyond the expected. As much as it is powerfully transformative, it is also very liberating. And one of the first liberating aspects of it is the lightness of entry “requirements” for the participants.


One of the crucial factors that are worth being taken into consideration is your readiness and openness to tap into the old and yet unknown. What does that really stand for, though?


True to the core


It stands for something very rare (though so natural) and meaningful – not only really, but most of all: truly. Your openness to tap into your very essence – the truth of who you are – marks the beginning of this journey. You might not be aware of what it is that you are searching for, but if you feel like going for it, it is the best sign that you are ready. Ready for your Self. Naked and explored into its both lightest and darkest corners. Where all that lies within you comes into the light in order to integrate itself – in order for you to feel the natural state of (restored) peace and alignment.


Freed from guilt and shame


Throughout a lifetime we gather plenty of guilt and shame which we carry as a load no matter the direction we take. Guilt and shame that get stuck to us at some point start resembling our true nature (which it is not and which it has never been). Making an attempt to free oneself from their possessive and abusive presence is a courageous move. A move towards liberty in its purest and heart-touching form. This might be scary at the beginning – after all we make a decision to get rid of something that has become (quite often) a huge part of our life. Yet the moment we let ourselves say goodbye to these deceiving shades of illusion, it rewards our courage in an indescribably generous manner. Meditative Healing™ serves as a tool which leads you there within the safe and powerful frame of its structure. While doing so, it brings you back to the source of your greatest power: your own unique and multidimensional potential.


Fully immersed in one’s own potential


There seems to be a general human tendency to subconsciously avoid our own innate power. This power comes with tremendous lightness of being – the kind of peace that may scare the mind (who is used to fighting with and for everything). Letting go of all that prevents you from being who you truly are opens the gates to the vast ocean of unlimited possibilities. The greatest one being you: explored and aligned. There is nowhere to hide. Nowhere to escape to (as the corners of the shadow – which we used as our “shelter” – stop being a shadow after integration). There is only one direction: fulfillment. Realization of your true Self. For each of us it results in something totally different. Yet for each of us it is the ultimate – and primary – achievement.
You are the key. Meditative Healing™ is the door. Just be daring to see your own beauty.