Where does Meditative Healing Program™ lead to?

The unique combination of power and subtlety of the Meditative Healing Program™ restores a natural perspective on the path to healing: it does not lead you where you want to be taken to – it leads you where you need to get to. The journey you embark on reconnects you with your true Self. This as such becomes the root of being able to truly help others. Where the power of pure intention is fully supported by an authentic experience of a life-changing, in-depth insight.


It is only when we penetrate the deepest corners of our unconsciousness that the light we evoke in others comes with no fear being attached. Reaching peace with one Self releases the healer from all the tension – the so called need to help and support. What is left in its purity is the calling – true and with no strings holding it from blooming fully. No matter the truth we tap into during a session, the flow of healing remains intact in its purity. How does one get to such a point?


Union of the known and unknown


We tend to avoid our own darkness – as well as our own light. It disturbs us deeply. And since we have no guarantees of what will come out of our confrontation with our subconscious and unconsciousness, we leave it unattended. It is still there – the ocean of issues gathered throughout a lifetime. When left alone, it starts taking over. Unconscious drives define our behaviors and deprive us of the access to our fullest potential. The moment we dive into the unknown opens the gates to our freedom. As scary as it might seem at first, it is the most rewarding step that we take.


Safe and secure


We let go of what we have known so far – and we begin something that is both well known to us (as it is so deeply rooted), as well as totally unexpected (as we managed to push it into the furthest corners of the unconsciousness). The experience that the Meditative Healing Program™ modules immerse us in creates the safest foundation to embark on such a journey. The safety lies within us – of that we are reminded while experiencing the indescribable effects that the sessions result in. The presence of a Teacher serves as an anchor. One that does not hold us back from anything, while making the vastness we are introduced to a space we explore with trust. Trust that gradually becomes a quality which finally feels natural and innate.


Anchored in one’s own experience


Our past – which we revisit, this time consciously – becomes our greatest ally. It is from there that we grow in courage. Understanding ourselves and integrating one’s own shadow leads to being able to navigate every single experience that a Meditative Healing ™ session reveals. Where there is no avoiding or escaping. No need to fix anything or anyone. Where the space that is left becomes the purest and strongest invitation for Grace and healing. This is something that cannot be explained or defined – it can only be fully experienced. As little as that – and as much as that.