Where does the strength and uniqueness of Meditative Healing™ come from?

And in what ways does it differ from other forms of healing?” – is the question of many people who hear about the Meditative Healing™ approach. The life-transforming changes it brings into the patient’s/practicioner’s reality touches one’s being very deeply. The subtlety and simplicity it comes with – touches us even deeper. How is that possible?

Many patients who experience a Meditative Healing™ session report feeling both deeply relaxed as well as empowered to move on with their life and the actions it requires. The effects Meditative Healing™ results in are difficult to capture with words – as the experience one goes through is something so unique, that it cannot be replaced by the means of language. Yet whatever the descriptive form that the reports of patients take – they all seem to lead to one prevailing conclusion: it goes far beyond the mind. And while doing so, it doesn’t leave one fearful of “losing control” – quite the contrary. It makes one feel peaceful and secure about his or her own condition and going through the process of health-restoration. What are the roots of a feeling that both grounds and liberates patients?


Immersed in the purity


Patients are gently immersed in a state of deep relaxation. For each of them it may come in a different way. The experience as such varies – as in Meditative Healing™ it is the patient that has the key role, not a practicioner as such. The practicioner is trained, under a very careful supervision and guidance of the Teacher, to reach (and hold in a very stable, though relaxed, manner) a meditative, still mind at its utmost purity. The purity of the state of the practicioner opens the gate to experience the healing without any external or internal disturbance. The healing energy comes to the patient directly – a healer becomes a channel for it. Yet the source it comes from remains intact. Intact by the practicioner is the patient too – it is the healing energy that operates and restores inner peace. It does not depend on the healer and his or her will – it depends entirely on the Higher Source.


Let go of the “insight” – become the HEALING


In Meditative Healing™ the “insights” that the practicioner receives are an element which is being integrated in the process – it does not become the leading force. A healer becomes a very conscious yet undetached observer – the experience as such is being guided via the healing energy and with the purity of an intention to heal (not to share “insights”). The moment the healer lets go of the control – the risk of manipulating the process and adding one’s own “perspective” to it, disappear. They become an obstruction that is being constantly cleared. The path to “letting go” completely while remaining fully attentive and holding the scope of healing is an art that is being learnt throughout the months of the Meditative Healing Program™. It stems from profound understanding of the healing process – an understanding that complements the carefully and efficiently guided experience. One does not function without the other. It’s like an ongoing masterly balanced interplay which leads to a multidimensional approach.


Letting go via a point of reference


When “letting go” the healer is constantly being supported by all the comprehension he or she had been previously immersed in. It is an unrestricted flow which is held within the frame of safety and security. It has no limits – and the knowledge and comprehension of its limitlessness brings in the pure comfort of working with it. It is amazing to observe how the profound and strong foundations the Meditative Healing Program™ comes with actually liberate the healer towards the totality of the experience. It leads to an indescribable feeling for the patient of being totally taken care of while remaining free and pure, without any manipulation taking place. It softens the entire being, letting the energy go as deep as the patient requires it. It cannot be faked – just like it cannot be grasped over a week. It is something that works deep within the healer over the months of practicing and doing carefully selected meditations. It creates roots for liberation. The one the practicioner goes through is a platform for bringing the healing to others. When nothing is defined or tamed – yet everything is so deeply gone through that it brings peace. Piece by piece – up to a point where there is no need to talk about it. It just shares itself freely.